Top 10 Global Popular Phones and User Preferences, 1H 2016

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Do mobile phone fans have special preference while purchasing mobile phones? Care more about brand? Or just take the price into consideration? Or have special requirements on the performance? In fact, on the mobile phone market, all flowers bloom together currently, which is to a great degree because users have all kinds of requirements on the mobile phone purchase. In order to know more about consumers' preference to mobile phone purchase, Antutu specifically collects relevant data in the backstage, makes systemization and draws charts, next, let's have a look.

Period of data statistics: from January 1, 2016 to June 30, 2016

Data source: Antutu Benchmark

Data model: Android mobile phone

Top10 Global Popular Smart Phones of 1H, 2016

TOP 10 Global Popular Smart phone and User Pre

First, let's have a look at the popular  mobile phone models in the first half of 2016, from the chart, we can see that, at present, consumers care much about mobile phone brand. Wherein, SAMSUNG, as a leading brand of Android smart mobile phones, has extremely great brand influence on the industry, and such influence reflects back on consumers, consumers have some kind of sense of brand honor, simply speaking, that is,  sense of brand honor. Therefore, although the prices of SAMSUNG and LG mobile phones are expenses, once seeing such mobile phone, consumers still can not help buying.

In addition to the brand value, vast consumers also care about cost efficiency, Antutu firmly believe that, why Red MI Note3, Le 1S and Meizu MX5 are so popular is greatly related to their cost efficiency. After all, less money spent for buying the performance the same with that of famous brand flagships is just like pennies from the heaven, which indeed deeply attracts consumers.

Distribution of Popular Mobile Phone Resolution and Screen Size of 1H, 2016

TOP 10 Global Popular Smart phone and User Pre

From the above two charts, we can see that, consumers prefer mobile phones with high resolution ratio and large screen size, after all, high-definition and large-size screen is perfect for watching movies and playing games. Wherein, in the mobile phone models with high resolution ratio, the mobile phone models with the resolution ratio of 1080P are especially favored by consumers. In addition, to combine with Top10 Global Popular Smart Phones in the First Half of 2016, we can see that, at present, foreign panel manufacturers and domestic panel manufacturers almost have the same market share. Wherein, the mobile phone panels of high-end models are supplied by SAMSUNG, LG and SHARP.

TOP 10 Global Popular Smart phone and User Pre

While, in the aspect of screen size, large-size screen is still the mainstream on the market currently, the same as resolution ratio, users are picky about mobile phone image performance, large-size and high-definition screen can bring cooler game, audio and video experience, therefore, at present, mobile phones with large screen size are favored by global consumers.

Distribution of Popular Smart Phone CPU and Numbers of Cores of 1H, 2016

TOP 10 Global Popular Smart phone and User Pre

In the aspect of CPU, at present, the market is basically occupied by the four chip manufacturers including QUALCOMM, SAMSUNG, MTK and HISILICON, wherein, QUALCOMM Snapdragon 820 chips become the standard configuration for flagship mobile phones of 1H,2016 by relying upon their strong performance, therefore, QUALCOMM Snapdragon 820's market share rises sharply. SAMSUNG Exynos series of chips have mighty performance on domestic market with market share extremely close to that of QUALCOMM. Kirin 950 chips of HISILICON, going ahead steadily and stably, although only used by HUAWEI mobile phones, also have relatively high market share.

In the aspect of chip development, QUALCOMM focuses on 4-core independent framework, pays more attention to the chip efficiency and lays emphasis on GPU performance. Whereas, SAMSUNG and HISILICON Kirin still focus on 8-core design (4 large cores + 4 small cores), the performance tends to be stable. MTK, focusing on independent Level III 10-core framework, although having more cores, has common actual performance.

TOP 10 Global Popular Smart phone and User Pre

With respect to the number of cores of popular mobile phone, in fact, to combine with "TOP10 Android Mobile Phone Chip Market Shares 1H,2016" previously released by Antutu, we can easily draw a conclusion. At present, on the mobile phone market, mobile phones with 8-core CPU have been the first choice by users, after all, most Android mobile phone consumers still care much about performance.

Distribution of Popular Smart Phone RAM 1H,2016

TOP 10 Global Popular Smart phone and User Pre

In the aspect of storage volume, although the main mobile phone RAM is 3GB currently, to compare with the data of last year, we can see that, the market share of 4G RAM rises obviously. What causes such kind of situation? It is because Android system occupies much RAM, most users greatly affected will choose larger RAM while changing mobile phones or purchasing mobile phones, in order to guarantee smooth running of mobile phones.

From current trend, we can see that, in the future, mobile phones with 6GB RAM will become standard configuration of high-end flagship mobile phones, however, along with gradual popularization of 4GB RAM, its future market share will also further rise, 3GB RAM will also gradually become standard configuration of entry-level mobile phones.

Distribution of Popular Smart Phone ROM Volume 1H,2016

TOP 10 Global Popular Smart phone and User Pre

From the chart entitled Distribution of popular Mobile Phone ROM Volume 1H,2016, we can see that, at present, 16GB and 32GB are standard configurations of Android mobile phones currently, most consumers choose such two kinds of volumes in priority while purchasing mobile phones, however, 64GB and 128GB which are larger have relatively low market shares, it is observed that, currently consumers demands little for extremely large mobile phone ROM volume. Now, 8GB storage volume can not satisfy consumers' demands any more, it is believed that, in the future, such market share will continue to decline until disappear.

Distribution of Popular Mobile Phone Rear Camera Resolution 1H,2016

TOP 10 Global Popular Smart phone and User Pre

Let's have a look at the rear cameras, in the aspect of rear cameras, in fact, most users choose mainstream pixel. For example, 8 million, 13 million and 20 million. From the chart, we can see that, consumers are less sensitive on rear camera parameters than on the parameters of CPU, screen size and others, maybe because iPhone has perennial low pixel but always generates high-quality images, therefore, consumers do not blindly pursue high pixel currently.

Besides, current mobile phone manufacturers lay more innovations of mobile phone rear camera in the camera technologies, for example, double camera and phase position etc., they do not pursue rear camera pixel radically.

Distribution of Popular Mobile Phone Battery Volume 1H,2016

TOP 10 Global Popular Smart phone and User Pre

In the aspect of battery volume, at present, the section of 3,000-3,500mAh is the main stream on the market, however, the market share of 4,000mAh rises obviously, it is believed that such market share will constantly rise, after all, as far as consumers are concerned, short journey continuation is down-to-earth pain, currently before great achievement is gained in the aspect of battery technologies, to buy mobile phones with larger battery volume should be the best solution.

Summary: From Global Mobile Phone Users' Purchase Preference 1H 2016, we can see that, at present, consumers care extremely much about brand, they are still willing to spend much money in purchasing smart mobile phones with famous brands, after all, the higher the price, the better the quality. Guaranteed by two flagships of SAMSUNG and the brands of LG and HUAWEI, the mobile phones with relatively low cost efficiency can also have good achievement on the market. Of course, incontestably, the mobile phones with high cost efficiency are still favored on the market.

To divide in details to the aspect of configuration, at present, mobile phones with large screen, high resolution ratio, great performance and large battery volume can provide users with more excellent audio and video experience and therefore become top choice of consumers. Likewise, as for rear camera, consumers pay more attention to the actual images, but not only pursue relevant parameters.