AnTuTu Smartphone Cost Peformance Ranking List

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The report AnTuTu Smartphone Cost Performance Ranking we released at the end of May this year has caught widespread attention, and pageview of this report broke 10,0000+ easily. Meanwhile, many friends commented at our background hoping to see new cost performance ranking list.

Now AnTuTu new cost performance ranking list is revealed in advance.

We analyzed AnTuTu background data and drew cost performance ranking lists of different price ranges. We believe this will be a good guidance for those planning to buy a smartphone recently.

How was cost performance calculated?

Cost performance=average Antutu score/current market price(please refer to Jingdong mall or official source). At least 2000 average Antutu score samples were collected for a single model. Deadline for data statistics was September 9th.

Cost Performance Ranking List


In the price range of ¥500 to ¥999, we selected many hot smartphones available on several e-commerce platforms. 360 N4 ( All netcom version) claimed the top position of this price range with cost performance of as high as 83.35, among which its Antutu score is 83268 and price is 999 yuan. K5 Note and Blade A1 followed closely behind it. With regard to Meizu note 3 released in the first half of this year ranked fourth with high cost performance of 54.60.


As with the situation in the price range of below 1000 yuan, there are also many available models in the price range of ¥1000 to ¥1499,and the release of LeEco 2 series and new Redmi models in particular made the competition more fierce. LeEco 2 and LeEco 2 Pro ranked first and second respectively with outstanding cost performance, followed closely by Redmi Note4 and Xiaomi Max.

In addtion, Meizu E released by Meizu Technology Q3 of this year also appeared on the list. Meizu E is equipped with 5.5 inch 1920x1080 resolution display, powered by Helio P10 eight -core processor with 3GB RAM, selling for 1299 yuan.


In the price range of ¥1500 to ¥1999, LeEco smartphones claimed the top position again.   LeEco Max 2 was far ahead with cost performance of 86.32, surpassing the hot device Xiaomi 5 in this price range. In fact, with the coming LeEco Epic 919 SuperFans Festival, LeEco Max 2 dropped by 500 yuan form 2099 yuan to 1599 yuan, making its cost performance soaring.


Different from the above three ranking lists, global brand Samsung(ranked eighth) made the list for the first time. However, domestic mobile brands are still the mainstream brands in this price range. Oneplus, nubia and Lenovo ZUK occupied the top three positions in the price range of ¥2000 to ¥2999 with cost performance of over 50. In addition, the recent released model vivo X7 was also on the list.


Since mobile brands and devices falling into the price range of above 3000 yuan is less, in order to improve the guidance of the ranking list and let more mobile brands appear on the list, we adjusted the price up to 6000 yuan. In this price range, Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 devices(ZTE AXON 7, vivo Xplay5 Flagship) and iPhone devices(including iPhone 7) has equal shares, occuping the top four position of the list. Meanwhile, modular mobile device Moto Z powered by Snapdragon 820 processor which was released recently in the domestic market also appeared on the list, ranking fifth. As for the recent explosion Samsung Note 7 (5988 yuan ) ranked eighth in the list.

Summary: From the ranking chart of this issue, it is easy to conclude that Xiaomi devices once well known for cost performance has faded. Emerging internet mobile brands like 360 and LeEco surpassed Xiaomi and claimed the top position in several price ranges with outstanding performance. In general, the cost performance of domestic mobile phones are generally higher while those of global mobile brands like Samsung, Moto and HTC could only linger at the  the bottom half of the list.

Of course, cost performance ranking list only measures a device from Antutu score and price, not involving such factors as exterior design , craftsmanship, image effect and brand premium,etc. As to whether a device will explode, this ranking list cannot judge for you. Therefore, readers need to reasonably refer to this report when making a purchase decision.